Truth #1: 3AM Rebound is the best recovery drink ever created.

Truth #2: We gave a bat 3AM Rebound and it’s no longer blind.

Truth #3: We let Chuck Norris test 3AM Rebound and after his piss cured cancer.

Truth #4: Taking 3AM Rebound deletes all your drunk texts

Truth #5: Drake took 3AM Rebound and wrote “In my feelings”

Truth #6: Apple executives have been taking 3AM Rebound and now the company is worth $1 trillion dollars.

Truth #7: Leonardo DiCaprio took 3AM Rebound back in 2016 and finally won an Oscar.

Truth #8: Selena Gomez won’t stop taking 3AM Rebound because she doesn’t want to lose her number one spot on insta for having the most followers. 

Truth #9: Trump took 3AM Rebound and won the 2016 elections. Sorry, America we banned him from taking it but he illegally got ahold of some. #classictrump

Truth #10: Thanos actually drank a 3AM Rebound before fighting the Avengers. Spoiler alert: he didn’t even need the Gauntlet. 

Truth #11: 4 frat friends took 3AM Rebound and woke up the next day and created the dopest shorts company on earth. 

Truth #12: 3AM Rebound is modeled after an herbal drink the founding fathers drank before writing the constitution. Merica!

Truth #13: We were sworn to secrecy but just have to say it. Jk rollings drank 3AM Rebound and... yeah you’re welcome! 

Truth #14: Oprah just started taking 3AM. Now she might run for president. Would she win? YUP.

Truth #15: Taking 3AM Rebound every day of the week is a bit excessive. Ask Clark Kent. How do you think he became Superman?

Truth #16: Every night is a Friday night if you take 3AM Rebound. Damn straight.

Truth #17: Drinking 3AM rebound for girls is the equivalent of using a unicorn dust face mask before bed. 

Truth #18: Do girls fart? Not if they drink 3AM Rebound.

Truth #19: Jennifer Aniston drinks 3AM rebound. Why do you think she doesn’t age?

Truth #20: Anyone seen drinking 3AM Rebound is more desirable. True story bro.

Truth #21: I gave my dog some 3AM Rebound and he turned into a Clydesdale.