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Our Mission

3 AM Rebounds mission is to create and promote a real solution to help people recover from a night of drinking. Honesty and integrity are the core values of our company and we deliver those values in our formulas, customer service, and business practices.

We stand by our ingredients and make a promise to you that we source only natural ingredients with no fillers. Most of our products are grown naturally in the wild not cultivated.  


Our Story

Our company first started with our passion to find a healthier way of living. We hate prescription drugs and all their side effects. We were on a mission to find herbs that would help our bodies with things like ADHD, sleep deprivation, inflammation, weight gain etc. Native Americans and Asians have used herbs like mushrooms, roots, and berries for thousands of years for medicinal purposes. Our journey really began when stumbled upon the healing powers of ginseng berry. After discovering this magical berry and its long list of benefits we knew we had to build a business around it. We came across a handful of studies where they used the ginseng berry to successfully cure hangovers. After extensive research, we discovered there were no products on the market using ginseng berry for this purpose. We got to work and created 3AM Rebound.


Our Team


Donny Harding Co-Founder of 3AM Rebound

 Donny Harding - Co-Founder

 A ninja at eCommerce and marketing with a splash of knowledge in sales. Worked in sales and marketing for the last 8 years. Started a dating app, iPad rental company, created a sales lead management tool, and launched several successful eCommerce stores. Worked for Utah's top startup accelerator. 


Josh Best Co-Founder of 3AM Rebound

Josh Best - Co-Founder

A Jedi salesman with all sorts of startup knowledge. Graduated with a sales degree and has been in sales for the past 12 years. Co-founded Tether a dating app. Grew an eCommerce store to over $1M in revenue in 6 months. 


Don Harding Co-Founder of 3AM Rebound

Don Harding - Co-Founder

The wise one! A man rich with knowledge and business skills. Started numerous companies. He has grown one of the largest and most respectable home inspection businesses in Utah.