Ten rules were created over time to enhance your experience with 3AM Rebound.  

Rule #1 - 3AM Rebound should be consumed any time after drinking and before you pass out. 

Your liver and body need it. Don't forget!

Rule #2 - Never let a friend pass out before taking 3AM Rebound. 

Life was meant for good friends and great adventures so don't let your friends down.

Rule #3 - Don't drink 3AM Rebound every day. 

Unless you want superpowers and then the fate of the world will be in your hands.

Rule #4 - Thall shalt not complain about work, school, or adulting while out drinking. 

There's now no reason to stay home because of tomorrows duties. It's all gucci 3AM Rebound has you covered.  

Rule #5 - Never complain about the taste of 3AM Rebound.  

It's basically making you immortal. So, what is there to complain about?

Rule #6 - Always shake the bottle before opening.

You need to activate the power within the bottle.

Rule #7 - Don't drink and drive. 

3AM Rebound does not enhance sobriety. It enhances work ethic.

Rule #8 - Always be on alert from the opposite sex. 

It increases sex appeal. Works for gays too.

Rule #9 - Don't ever say drinking 3AM Rebound is unnecessary.  

Unless you want to live in a van down by the river. If so, 3AM Rebound is not for you.

Rule #10 - Go hard AF at all times.  

Life is meant to be fun so enjoy it. We'll take care of the after effects.