Can Ginseng Berry Cure The Dreaded Hangover?

August 16, 2018

A Hangover Recovery Shot Based Around Ginseng Berry

A company believes ginseng berry can be a cure for the dreaded hangover. Going hard with friends and family, coworkers, the girls, or just random strangers shouldn’t come with a price the next morning. Could this be true, a real hangover cure? So many have tried and failed.

Who are these three?

Don, Donny, and Josh are the three founders of 3AM Rebound. They started the company to create a dietary supplement based on ginseng berry, because of all its magical properties. Don is an avid watcher of the History Channel and one day he watched a show called “Appalachian Outlaws.” He caught what is known as ginseng fever. For years he would talk about starting a ginseng company to anyone that would listen. Don has been an entrepreneur for most of his life and has developed one of the most respectable home inspection companies in Utah. He has a son named Donny, that is running an e-commerce site along with his friend Josh. Last year they made over $1M. Don wanted Donny and Josh to help him sale ginseng. After some convincing and research, they saw the opportunity in selling ginseng. The three got together and formed a business.

Why a recovery shot?

Don secured a partnership with a well known and highly respected ginseng farmer, that lives in the Appalachian mountains. Ginseng is one of the most precious herbs in the world. Asians spend thousands per pound for wild grown American ginseng. The three got together to discuss the direction of the business. They came to the consensus that they wanted to build a product around the ginseng berry. Ginseng berry is not well known even in some Asian cultures, but it’s growing popularity in Korea. Koreans are known for creating products to cure hangovers. The founders came across several articles talking about how ginseng can cure a hangover. Ginseng berries contain amino acids called ginsenosides. Ginsenosides help with boosting your immune system, improve cognitive function, and detoxifying your liver. A shot designed for hangovers. What’s worse than going out with friends for a good time and then waking up with a headache and feeling nauseous? Let’s be honest nobody wants to eat dog hair!