Don't kill your buzz

Work, school, and adulting can kill your buzz.

Time To Start A Revolution!

How many times have you told your friends you were staying in or left early because you have to be an adult the next day? We say no more! We shall party when we want and still crush it the next day.

Feel great tomorrow.

Go out tonight and have a productive day tomorrow with our magical formula. We've masterminded the perfect formula that'll help your liverstomach, and head rebound the next day.

The Magical Formula.

3AM Rebound is a proprietary formula that makes your next morning magicalOur dietary supplement contains ginseng berry, reishi mushroom, turmeric, ginger, milk thistle, asparagus, mango, and more. 

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3 AM Rebound shot helps...

  • Remove Toxins

    Antioxidants are our bestie when it comes to removing those nasty alcohol toxins. Rest assured, we have the best of the best in our shot. Thank you MILK THISTLE and TURMERIC.

  • Hydrate

    One of the worst parts of partying too hard is getting dehydrated. We've packed our shot with just the right amount of ELECTROLYTES.

  • Nausea/Stomach Pain

    Nothing better than some good ol' GINGER to settle that stomach and nausea feeling. 

  • Inflammation

    Yes, it's true your liver gets inflamed after drinking. Our formula has multiple anti-inflammatory properties. GINSENG BERRY is packed full of anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Build Immune System

    Your immune system takes a beating after a night of partying. Our shot is loaded with immune boosters to get you back to normal. Thank you GINSENG BERRY and REISHI MUSHROOM

  • Headaches

    Oh, the dreaded headaches after a night of partying. Our shot not only relieves that but helps you get focused for the day. Thanks to MAGNESIUM and Vitamin B's!


When is the best time to consume 3AM Rebound Shot?

Based on the formulation of the product, 3AM Rebound is best taken before bed to avoid rough mornings. So, you can take it before you go out and drink, while your drinking, or after you're done before bedtime.

What's in the formula?

3AM Rebound is centered around Ginseng Berry extracts carrying ginsenosides. It also contains, Reishi Mushroom, Asparagus, Mango, Vitamin B complex, Milk thistle, Turmeric, and Minerals from the Great Salt Lake blended in a liquid full of electrolytes.

What is Ginseng Berry?

Ginseng is a slow growth plant that grows in North America, South America, Siberia, and Asia. Asians haven been using ginseng for over 5,000 years. Native Americans also used ginseng for medicinal purposes. There are many benefits to using ginseng. Consult your physician before using. 

Where is this manufactured?

3AM Rebound is manufactured and shipped out of Utah in the United States. Our manufacture is in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

Is this FDA approved?

3AM Rebound is a dietary supplement, and is FDA compliant. This means that the ingredients used are considered safe within the FDA monograph system. Additionally, every step of 3AM Rebound's sourcing, testing, and manufacturing complies with the requirements set forth in the FDA regulations. We have not been approved by the FDA.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! But additional shipping charges will apply.

How do I contact you for more questions?

Email us at or reach out via Facebook Messenger.